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Visit wDm Galley on ShirtMagic

ShirtMagic has a huge selection of t-shirts, shirts, and other apparel with over 12 wDm Gallery art-images (and counting).

T-Shirts start at $24.*

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Pure Source

This was one intent tiger. Thankfully, he wasn't intent on me at the moment. Show of your Pure Source.
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Show your love of belugas, nature, or wildlife with the beautiful Beluga.

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Open the Door

Nothing happens until you open the door.

Try it and see…
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What's Up?

"What's Up?" Take a look and you'll see. And remember to smile! People will think you're up to something...
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Get Surreal

Make 'em think.
Get Surreal.
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Show your inner llama - get Llamarama. This llama can hang.
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Arctic Dreams

Take a cool breeze and relaxation with you wherever you go, when you wear Arctic Dreams.
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The Tube

If you remember the '60's, you weren't there. But you can take a trip on The Tube, anytime.
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Be the Tofu

Ever try to nail tofu to a tree?

Be the tofu.

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Be Now

"The place to be is now."

It's hard to be more sucsinct than that.

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I Walrus

"I Walrus" For the walrus-appreciator in your life, or you, there can be no other - I Walrus.
* Prices vary depending upon the design and the style of shirt you select. Shipping & taxes not included.
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